Tehran Hosts Int’l Insurance Top Executives


Over the last month, top executives of insurance and reinsurance companies in addition to broking companies and relevant international entities visited Tehran for the purpose of meeting reinsurance authorities of Bimeh Markazi Iran (Central Insurance of IR Iran) along with local insurance companies as regards different aspects of insurance and reinsurance.

According to Reinsurance Vice President of Bimeh Markazi broadcast by Public Relations and International Affairs General Department of Bimeh Markazi, in the aftermath of the sanctions removal, four meetings were held in the Iranian insurance industry, during the last month, with the presence of foreign reinsurers, brokers, and relevant organizations, mirroring the willingness of international counterparts and decision makers, in the realm of insurance, to expand insurance connections with the Islamic Republic of Iran.

As an illustration, in a meeting with the Director General of Personal, Motor & Liability Reinsurance of Bimeh Markazi, the Chief Officer of Reiseschutzversicherung (travel insurance) from Germany, discussed latest trends in national insurance industry while comparing it with global conditions. Besides, the Chief Executive Officer of Willis Re (reinsurance brokers) from UK met Reinsurance Vice President and the Director General of Marine, Hull, and Aviation Reinsurance of Bimeh Markazi, to pave the way for insurance interactions.

Moreover, the senior official of Thomas Cooper, an international law firm, from UK, along with top executive of the Turkish marine insurance broker Omni, that are specialized in the field of P&I reinsurance, had a meeting with Reinsurance Vice President and the Director General of Marine, Hull, and Aviation Reinsurance to discuss terms and conditions of expanded cooperation in view of recent status of insurance industry.

It is also noteworthy that top executive of SCOR- French reinsurance company, had a promising news of a new era of international interactions in Iranian insurance market.

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