Iran and Switzerland to cooperate in AML and combating financing terrorism

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In his meeting with the Swiss economic delegation, the governor of the central bank of Iran proposed that a team of supervision experts visit Switzerland to introduce Iranian banking system to its economic activists. He also asked Switzerland to assist Iran to be removed from the list of states accused of sponsoring terrorism and the high-risk countries.

According to the CBI public relations department, Valiollah Seif, the governor of the central bank of Iran suggested a joint meeting between the bankers of two countries so as to remove any kind of ambiguities regarding restoration of banking relations. “Holding such meetings will provide the grounds for more cooperation and better understandings between the two parties”, he said, “Since the anti terrorism bill has been passed by the parliament, we request that Switzerland take the necessary steps to help delist Iran from among those countries which are accused of financing terrorism”.
Pointing to desirable banking relations between Iran and Switzerland in the past and particularly during sanctions, Dr. Seif added that Iran will never forget the keenness of Swiss authorities to maintain their cooperation with Iranian banks. “We anticipate that the banking relations will be restored to their conditions prior to sanctions and we can take maximum advantage of the banking potentials of the two countries”, he stated.

Referring to caution and conservatism of some banks in their relations with their Iranian counterparts in post- sanctions era, the CBI governor emphasized that Swiss bankers hold some meetings to present the ambiguities and uncertainties; meanwhile, they can also be made aware of measures taken by Iran in order to clarify the issues.
The chairman of Money and Credit Council indicated that some ambiguities relate to other parties’ being over-cautious. He emphasized that everything is clear in JCPOA about banking relations with Iran. “It is normal for economic activists to have some uncertainties”, he said, “However, our experience shows if they discuss them with us, we will get to positive results much earlier. There is a special JCPOA committee in the CBI to answer to questions and remove uncertainties. We would like Swiss bankers to ask their questions openly”.
“Concerns made by Iranian bankers also result from their over-expectations from the other party. That is why we recommend an independent meeting between the bankers of both countries in order to accelerate the revival of banking correspondence.” he added.
Dr. Seif released the news concerning the compliance of Iranian banks with international standards and their determination to implement them. “Iranian banks have done their best to comply with international standards including Basel II and Basel III. Such endeavors are being complemented by the latest ratification in parliament of the law to combat financing terrorism.” He continued.
CBI governor pinpointed that the establishment of solid commercial and economic ties requires appropriate and transparent banking relations. “Iranian banks have always demonstrated an acceptable performance in implementation of international rules and regulations particularly with regard to payments. Fortunately, our international settlements have so far been made without any delay.” he added.

René Weber, Swiss Head of Markets Division at the State Secretariat for International Finance expressed his gratitude for the visit to Iran with an economic delegation and told the meeting that his country has always maintained good relations with Iran. “Switzerland has cooperated with Iran in the fields of finance, trade, and monetary transfers. Switzerland is keen to expand its banking relations with Iran in post-sanction era and provide the Iranian banking system with consultations in the areas of training, technical and legal issues as well as finance.” he said.
Referring to decisions and subjects of discussion in various areas of finance and economy, René Weber noted, “The ministry of finance and economic affairs together with the CBI play a significant role in clarifying ambiguities and expanding banking relations.” He invited the Iranian authorities to visit Switzerland and maintained that such visits could contribute to establishment of banking relations.
He expressed his gratitude with regard to the transparency and sincerity during discussions. Such meetings will not only remove obstacles but also lead to expansion of banking correspondence from which both parties will benefit”, he concluded.

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